Luke Belmars Capital Club:
Now Re-Open To New Members

Capital Club, founded by Luke Belmar, has officially re-opened to new members.

If you want to create, multiply and preserve wealth then you are in the perfect place.

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Welcome To
Capital Club

Capital Club is not just a club, it is a highly sought after membership to an exclusive community which focuses on:

  • Uncensored Knowledge
  • High Level Networking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Biohacking
  • Business
  • Finance
  • And Much More

Additionally, becoming a part of Capital Club means joining a thriving community that offers unparalleled opportunities for growth, collaboration, and success.

Luke Belmars’ Capital Club is the best place to be if you desire true freedom in all realms.

The Academy

Luke Belmars net worth combined with his elite networking skills allows him access to worldclass experts in all sectors of business.

He has utilised this skillset and created over 200 hours of exclusive courses and series in the academy, giving you front seat access to millionaires and even billionaires.

All features of Capital Club will continue to improve for no added costs. Being a member will only bring never-ending benefits; whether it’s from:

-An academy module sharing that one secret that was stunting all your progress.

-A networking event that connects you with the perfect person to partner with.

-A fellow member finding a new software find that will save you years of time.

Everything we do is designed to push you to the next level.

The Marketplace

Luke Belmar created the marketplace with a vision of constant growth.

New and exclusive opportunities will be capitalised on immediately in our Marketplace.

This will allow all members to reach their goals at a rate which no other network can compete with.

Our estimates show members saving an average of $900 every single year just through our marketplace offers.

capital club meetup with luke belmar

A Network
Like no other

All of our members support and push each other to grow and improve every waking day.

Luke Belmar has handpicked the best entrepreneurs in all realms of business to network with you and share the datasets they’ve learned on their journey to the top.

Inside Capital Club, we regularly hold both digital and in-person networking events such as:

  • CC Connect (Digital)
  • 2024 Singapore Meetup
  • 2024 Dubai Glitch Meetup

These are perfect for sharing, learning and connecting with other high-level individuals.

Access to these events is only available inside Capital Club through our exclusive entrepreneurial network.

Capital Club Reviews

We understand it’s hard to trust only our word for how great Capital Club is. So,

We have documented our members life-changing experiences with us.

This is a must watch if you’re not sure if this membership is for you…

Capital Club is ONLY FOR THE Comitted

Unlike other networks we don’t want just anyone, we’re building the largest decentralized entrepreneurial network in the world.

Luke Belmar will not stop improving Capital Club until it is a membership with globally recognised prestige.

For this reason, we increased our price from $369 to $599 on our recent launch to allow only the comitted inside.

Are you READY?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Join Capital Club?

To join Capital Club you must:

1. Join our free waitlist through any ‘Join Now’ button.

2. Watch for your invite, it expires after 24 hours of sending.

3. Be fast. Only 15% currently get into Capital Club.

Capital Club Price

Capital Clubs yearly membership price is $369.

This fee is menial as it gives a wide range of training materials from Luke Belmar, and a plethra of resources aimed at enhancing all entrepreneurial aspects.

Capital Club has a 14-day refund period, no questions asked, starting from the purchase date.

What Is Capital Club?

Capital Club is an invite-only network for entrepreneurs globally.

Members receive training in a variety of business niches and access to events where you can network with other Capital Club members.

Payment Methods We Accept

We can only accept card payments as of right now. However, this is subject to change in future launches of Capital Club.

The yearly membership fee of $599 is currently only able to be paid in full.

Do I get access to everything Offered?


When you join you get access to everything we offer.
No hidden fees.

Can I Join from Any Country In The World?


Our waitlist currently consists of 100,000+ people from over 72 different countries.

Still have questions?

Click on the white live chat symbol at the bottom right to speak to our specialist support team.